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Why Athlete Advantage?

Why Athlete Advantage?

Athlete Advantage is quite different from other recruiting services. Since we are a promotion service, we advertise you to our extensive database of colleges on all levels. When you contract with Athlete Advantage, you receive:

  • Proactive Attitude
  • College Contact Databases
  • Recruiting Guidelines/Information
  • A Personal Recruiting Advisor
  • Simplified Recruiting Process
  • Affordable Cost
  • Junior College Opportunities

Junior College Opportunities

Athlete Advantage will not overlook the players that are academically challenged. With a nationwide database of Junior Colleges and Post Grad Prep Schools, we provide the same pathway as the qualified students. If you are not currently NCAA qualified, we most likely will have a place for you to go to increase that GPA and test score, and ultimately sign into a 4 year program. 

Affordable Cost

Other recruiting services charge upwards of $3000 while our most expensive package is only $200. We do more than other services for a fraction of the cost.

Click on our "pricing & sign up" tab in the top right hand corner to view all of our pricing packages. 

Recruiting Guidelines/Information

The recruiting process is fun and exciting, but may also feel overwhelming. When you become an Athlete Advantage prospect, you are provided with the right advice and expertise to stay on track and eligible to play your respective college sport. 

Simplified Recruiting Process

We make the recruiting process much easier on the prospect and the prospect's family by focusing on the colleges that are interested. The interested colleges in our database become your road map to success.

College Contact Databases

Our database for each sport includes every college program in the country on all levels, ranging from Division 3 to FBS and even NAIA. You will be known! This information is exclusive to Athlete Advantage prospects. 

Recruiting Advisors

When you become an Athlete Advantage prospect, you will be assigned a recruiting advisor. This advisor will help walk you through the recruiting process until  you sign your letter of intent. Our recruiting advisors have been recruited to play college sports before too, so they understand what it takes! 

Proactive Attitude

Athlete Advantage provides a proactive attitude when approaching the promotion of our athletes. Quality prospects are often overlooked because of lack of exposure early in their careers, stemming from having a reactive approach. Coaches won't always come to the prospect, the prospect always needs to go to the coaches. We provide that line of communication.